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Shiny Tropics!

See what's Happening!

"In a world where the light of idols has been extinguished, can these performers shine in the dark?"

Kokoro Jin is a burnt out 2nd year, desperate to reignite the spark of life. Enter an egotistical but determined transfer student, who has brought the forgotten world of idols to Ishigaki High in the hopes of bringing idols back into popularity. The 6 idols of Shiny Tropics! must work hard to overcome their vices so that they can reach their dreams, one step at a time.


Shiny Tropics! will feature:

✦ A story told through visual novel style videos that will develop a colourful cast of characters, connected by their shared love of idols

✦ An extensive discography, including both original songs and English covers of existing songs

✦ An array of side content, including 4 page comics, short stories, and artwork that seek to show the idols in many situations, both light hearted and serious And much, much more!

- Shiny Tropics

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